University of Texas Ice Hockey


Texas Ice Hockey is now in its 15th year of existence and was established to provide the University of Texas with a nationally competitive outlet for UT student athletes who enjoy playing hockey. The team is sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports within the university. Our players are some of the brightest students in the country, in addition to being talented hockey players.  

They promote balance within Texas Ice Hockey. The team currently has players from eight different states, with many here to study business, engineering and computer science, some of the most prestigious programs in the nation. The players are actively involved both inside the classroom and out. In addition to their academic studies and athletic commitments to our team, we have several players involved in honor societies, social and academic fraternities, and research opportunities.
The team camaraderie built here on the 40 acres is an experience second-to-none, and with the growing awareness of hockey both in Austin and the UT community, our program continues to expand each season. Texas Ice Hockey provides a great opportunity for those who wish to get involved.

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